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At Benchmark Basement Refinishing, we offer tailored solutions to maximize the functionality and aesthetics of your underground space, turning it into a cozy retreat or a functional extension of your home.  Please see the many basement remodeling services we offer below:

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

Unlock Hidden Comfort: Basement Bedrooms, Your Serene Escape Below!

A basement bedroom and bathroom design can transform what is often an overlooked space into a cozy retreat. Natural light might be limited, so clever lighting choices are key. Recessed lighting can provide overall illumination, while strategically placed lamps or wall sconces can create a warm ambiance.

In terms of layout, maximizing space is essential. Consider built-in storage solutions like under-bed drawers or shelving units to keep clutter at bay. For the bathroom, a clean and modern aesthetic can make the most of the space. Light-colored tiles and fixtures can help brighten the room, while a glass shower enclosure can add a touch of elegance without making the space feel closed off. Adequate ventilation is crucial to prevent moisture buildup, so installing a high-quality exhaust fan is a must. With thoughtful design choices, a basement bedroom and bathroom can become a stylish and comfortable haven within the home.

Benchmark Bathroom
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Custom Built-ins

Tailored Storage, Infinite Possibilities: Elevate Your Basement with Custom Built-ins!

Custom basement built-ins offer a practical and stylish solution for maximizing storage and functionality in this often underutilized space. Whether it’s a media center for entertainment, a home office setup, or a crafting station, custom built-ins can be tailored to fit the unique needs and dimensions of the basement. From floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to integrated cabinets and drawers, these built-ins can efficiently organize belongings while also serving as focal points for the room’s design. Choosing materials and finishes that complement the overall aesthetic of the basement can enhance its visual appeal and create a cohesive look throughout the space. Additionally, incorporating hidden compartments or adjustable shelving allows for versatility and adaptability as needs evolve over time. Custom basement built-ins not only add practical value but also contribute to the overall comfort and enjoyment of the space.

Entertainment Centers

Basement Bliss: Where Entertainment Reigns Supreme!

Basement entertainment centers offer a haven for relaxation and leisure activities, providing a dedicated space for entertainment within the home. These centers often feature a blend of technology, comfort, and style, catering to various interests and preferences. From large-screen televisions and surround sound systems to cozy seating arrangements and game tables, the options are endless. Customization plays a key role in designing a basement entertainment center, allowing homeowners to tailor the space to their specific needs and interests. Whether it’s a sleek and modern design with minimalist aesthetics or a cozy, rustic retreat with plush seating and a fireplace, the basement entertainment center can be transformed into a personalized oasis for family gatherings, movie nights, gaming sessions, and more. With careful planning and thoughtful design, a basement entertainment center can become the ultimate retreat for relaxation and enjoyment.

Benchmark Entertainment Center
Benchmark Bar


Raise the Bar: Elevate Your Basement with a Stylish Bar Oasis!

We’ve expertly designed and constructed numerous captivating basement spaces in various sizes and styles. Whether you envision a simple play area for children or an elaborate entertainment zone complete with a wet bar, full bathroom, fireplace, and more, our team specializes in crafting customized spaces that perfectly suit your needs and budget.

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